ledlenser seo7r blue
ledlenser seo7r blue
ledlenser seo7r blue
ledlenser seo7r blue
ledlenser seo7r blue



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910 South Road
Edwardstown SA 5039

Young, modern, efficient recharging.

The SEO7R has everything that you could wish for in a modern headlamp. 220 lumens strong with a 130 m lighting range. Optisense technology (dimming function) for automatic adjustment to the lighting conditions. It can also run on rechargeable or normal batteries, and has an automatic power-off function for when the energy source has been used up. That makes sense, right?
  1. Light Functions

    These settings are a pure, bright delight:

    • Power - high light output for every situation
    • Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
    • Blink - automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals
  2. Switches

    Turn, press or both - how to switch these Ledlensers on:

    • Front Switch - a switch on the head of the torch so you can use one hand
  3. Special functions

    That special something about this Ledlenser:

    • Transportation Lock - prevents the light from being turned on inadvertently
    • Dimmable - seamless adjustment of the luminosity
    • Red Reading Light - Red LED
    • Advanced Focus System - allows a seamless transition from homogeneous low beam to sharply focused high beam
    • Optisense Technology - automatically adapt to the surrounding light conditions
    • Rapid Focus - a single-hand mechanism that allows the light beam to be adjusted as fast as lightning
    • Smart Light Technology - allows individual ranges of functions to be programmed to different touch and switch combinations
    • Temperature Control System - protects you from burns and the LED from overheating
    • Dual Power Source - choose between the rechargeable Ledlenser battery or a disposable battery
  4. IP-Class

    Safety features of this Ledlenser:

    • IPX6 - Protection against water projected in powerful jets
  5. Energy Management

    Full control over your power status:

    • Low Battery Warning - it warns you when the battery is low
    • Charge Indicator - it shows the current charge status of the battery
  6. Rechargeable

    By using rechargeable batteries, you're not just protecting your wallet, but also the environment. Regular batteries, after all, require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are huge.