How to Clean Work Boots

How to Clean Work Boots

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How to Clean Your Work Boots

Your work boots are an investment that you’ll want to make the most of, no matter your industry. If you’re willing to put in a little effort in cleaning and caring for your boots, you’ll reap the benefits and come home with sturdy and protective footwear that goes the distance. Here’s how to keep your work boots clean in order to maintain their aesthetics and ensure reliability.


The first step in cleaning your work boots is by using a high-quality shoe brush to help remove caked dirt or mud that may be sitting on the surface of your shoe. While cleaning your shoes may be the last thing you want to do at the end of a tough work week, this is the most important step in maintaining the condition of your shoes and enhancing their longevity. Be sure to gently brush away all the dirt from the surface of your shoes and don’t forget to clean the soles too!

Fabric care

Next, be sure to ascertain the type of fabric the shell of your shoes is made of and purchase a conditioner to suit its needs. For example, most work boots are made of leather, so be sure to buy a leather care product that you can apply to your boots in order to strengthen and condition them. You’ll notice a big difference in comparison to not using the appropriate care and you’ll thank yourself later when your boot life is extended for years to come.


It’s absolutely crucial to ensure that you also invest a little time and effort in cleaning the soles of your work boots. By washing away any dirt or chemicals you may have stepped in, you’ll ensure that you’ll be removing caustic substances that may deteriorate your shoes if left unchecked. Whether you’re using a brush or a hose, keep in mind that your soles will need a good clean from time to time too.

Protective spray

Once you’ve cleaned up your work boots, be sure to extend their life span by adding a protective spray that’ll help maintain their structure should you ever miss a cleaning session. Not only will the right conditioner make your boots look great but they’ll help to repel water and condition them so that they’re soft and comfy. Remember, protect your shoes and they’ll protect you!

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