Difference between Steel and Composite Toe Caps

Difference between Steel and Composite Toe Caps

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Difference between Steel and Composite Toe Caps

When it comes to keeping yourself safe in the work place it’s important to know what items of clothing you’ll need to help do the trick. Investing in quality safety gear is the first step in hindering the impact of unforeseeable accidents as well as ensuring you walk onto every work site with added peace of mind. Your feet are no exception to the rule. When it comes to right work boots, you’ll need to make sure you invest in either steel or composite toe capped work shoes depending on your work environment.

What are steel toe caps

All good quality work boots offer some sort of toe protection. Steel toe caps include a curved piece of steel that sits above the toe area, protecting it from all sorts of hazards that may “meet your feet” in the work place. Steel toe capped shoes must fall within national safety specifications and often offer 200 joule protection. Generally speaking, steel caps can withstand more weight than basic safety requirements and also in comparison to older composite toe capped footwear.

What are composite toe caps

Much like steel toe caps, composite toe caps are a made of a piece of durable material that sits above the toe area. Unlike their steel counterpart, composites are made of metal free materials such as Kevlar or carbon fibre. This means that they won’t conduct electricity or have magnetic properties which is great if you’re working in nuclear plants, anywhere with high electrical conductivity or locations where you have to pass through security/metal detectors; however, that gap in strength between steel and composite is getting smaller with new technological advances. They’re also sturdy and lightweight, despite not being able to handle as much weight as steel.

Choosing the right safety shoe

When it comes to choosing the right work boot, it’s important to assess the environment you’ll be working in as well as your particular work needs. Steel toe caps and composite caps both offer great protection however your choice will depend on balancing your personal and professional workplace requirements. Some questions to ask when choosing the right pair will be:
  • Will choosing steel toe caps make it harder for you to comply with safety measures on a daily basis, particularly if you have to pass through a metal detector regularly?
  • Will you be working in an environment full of heavy machinery and material that could potentially fall on your feet and cause damage?
  • What are you looking for in terms of protective capabilities throughout your work boot?
  • What level of protection would you feel most comfortable with?
  • How much are you willing to invest in your safety work shoes?

All of these questions will help get you on the right path to choosing the right work boots and will see you through for years to come.

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