Workwear as Fashion? How safety gear style is changing

Workwear as Fashion? How safety gear style is changing

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Workwear as Fashion? How safety gear style is changing

Looking your best for work should be a reality no matter your industry. First impressions can make all the difference when you’re hoping to secure a job and it can also elevate your mood for the whole work day if you feel like you’re looking your best. Thankfully, workwear designers are becoming more aware of this and creating safety gear and apparel that’s more stylish than ever while still remaining functional and protective. From high fashion to high visibility, here are some items of clothing that we reckon show off the best of both worlds onsite.

Slimmer work pants

While the baggy pants of the 90’s have long faded from memory, it took a few years of tradie pants to follow suit. Thanks to the advent of the skinny jean in the early 2000’s, workwear pants have started become more tapered to emulate the same silhouette. Narrow tradie pants have become more common place on worksites, offering the same protective qualities and comfort of a traditional pant but with added style. A great pair of pants that you can wear both on and off the work floor.

Accented boots

Not only are protective work boots great for putting your best foot forward when it comes to safety but also when it comes to style. More and more work boot brands are releasing shoes that not only protect your feet but allow tradies an opportunity to express their unique tastes in the workplace. From bright lace-ups to colourful leather shells, work wear boots of every style and shape can be found at worksites across the nation. A great option both on and offsite.

High-vis clothing varieties

With more and more women now training to become tradies more pink high vis items of clothing can be spotted at worksites. This pop of colour brings a fresh and feminine touch to the workplace and also provides something new to the sea of orange and yellow high vis gear that is more commonplace.

Head-skins and accessories

Another great example of how fashion and function have collided in the workwear sphere can be seen with the use of patterns and design elements on safety accessories like Head-skins, helmets and hats. Not only are items like head-skins excellent at hindering the inhalation of dust particles but they also offer a canvas for unique designs and self-expression for tradies. Beanies and caps are also great ways of protecting oneself from the elements and expressing the unique tastes of wearers thanks to their custom designs and logos.

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