Questions to Ask When Buying Workwear

Questions to Ask When Buying Workwear

Questions to Ask When Buying Workwear 

Questions to Ask When Buying Workwear

Are you the leader of a team working on a large-scale project? When it comes to managing contractors for a sizeable development, you’ll want everyone to look the part as well as feel protected in workwear that will help them do the job. That’s why there are some key questions to ask when purchasing uniforms from a workwear supplier. Before you jump the gun and make a purchase you may regret, here are some key things to think about in order to ensure you make the right investment to suit yours and your team’s needs. 


Consider your budget

First and foremost, it’s important to know just how much funding you have to spare before you put in your order. Try to determine how much you’re willing to pay per head for your staff and make sure you’ve discussed this with your finance department. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to provide a starting point for your supplier to determine what items they have available that’ll suit your needs and well as your budget. 

Consider your industry

In order to make a purchase that’s well informed and will provide a good return on investment, you’ll need to consider what workwear will suit your particular project based on your unique industry. There’s no use investing in short sleeved summer work shirts if staff will need to face harsh weather conditions inherent in your line of work so be sure to consider the right items of clothing for your industry and project type. 

Consider buying in bulk

While you may have a certain number of employees working on a particular project, some suppliers offer cheaper prices for uniforms when bought in bulk. This can be a great solution for business to business, you’re sure that more staff may work for you in future or if the uniforms will experience duress due to the job and need replacing. If so, be sure to also purchase a variety of sizes so that future staff will have something available that will fit.

Consider logos

There’s nothing that boosts morale on a project more than a sense of belonging and pride in the work being done. While adding custom art or logos to a uniform may come at an extra cost, it can be a great opportunity to show your team that you’ve taken the time to make them feel like part of something greater. Showing your appreciation with custom art and logos may even encourage your staff to go the extra mile whenever they’re onsite. 

Consider Tradies Workwear and Safety

When it comes to workwear that goes the distance, our team of workwear experts will help you curate the perfect uniform from our wide product range, that will offer your staff protection, visibility and a sense of pride in their work. We cater for businesses of any size so, get in touch with the team today to discuss your unique project and we’ll help get you started. Call (SA)  08 8375 3030, (WA) 08 9208 0600 or email us at