How to Choose a Good Workwear Brand

How to Choose a Good Workwear Brand

Hard-wearing, durable workwear can be pricey so before going with a particular brand, you should take some steps to ensure products that a brand makes are not only worth the price but are also fit-for-purpose.

Understand What You Need

It sounds like a basic and obvious move but setting out your expectations from your workwear is the best place to start.

Construction, or careers that require interactions with heavy objects or tools, come with inherent risks of the foot-breaking variety. Chances are you’ll drop something on your foot more than once, so you need a boot that can handle rough activities over a long period of time. Cheaper boots may be more economical, but if you need to replace them three or four times then that cost adds up to be more than the better-quality boot would have been in the first place.

Brands such as Blundstone, Steel Blue &  CAT Workwear regularly make their way into top-rated lists of workboots, so if you need a durable, reliable and long-serving boot, head that way.

Figure out the risks involved with your line of work, and you’ll be able to make a far better judgement on which brand is right for you.

Australian Workwear Suppliers

We’ll clarify this point - we’re not suggesting you buy exclusively from Australian brands. There are some great deals on workwear to be found overseas, but we’re suggesting buying from brands that can supply a product from Australia directly to you, instead of ordering a product that is shipped from overseas.

This is important for a few reasons:

  • Delivery is usually cheaper,
  • Delivery is usually faster,
  • Suppliers usually have warranties & returns policies specific to the country of purchase, meaning you aren’t trying to navigate a returns policy based on the consumer laws of another country.

Tradies Workwear, for example, is a proud Australian provider of a multitude of workwear & safety clothing. All of our products are shipped from Australia directly to you.

Always Test Your Purchases First

From time-to-time, excitement and impatience can trip up everyone when it comes to ripping the labels off your new clothing on the first wear. You may have researched the perfect brand for your needs but find it doesn’t quite cut the mustard in reality.

This is an advantage of ordering from a brand that comes from an Australian provider. Often, the time you have to make a return can be quite short, so if your product isn’t right for you, having a nearby vendor can make sure you can exchange your product without having to purchase again.

Tradies Workwear has a returns policy that will allow you to change your mind within 14 days of being invoiced. Just make sure to obtain a return authority and send anything back with labels attached and packaging intact!

Order The Best Brands at Tradies Workwear and Safety

Tradies Workwear and Safety has been providing Australians with the most popular workwear & safety clothing brands for years, so if you’re keen to get the best deal on the perfect clothing for you, you’ll find it at Tradies Workwear and Safety.

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