5 Aussie Workwear Brands Everyone Should Know

5 Aussie Workwear Brands Everyone Should Know

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5 Aussie Workwear Brands Everyone Should Know

When it comes to buying workwear, you’ll find brands from all over the world coming out of the woodwork. Australian brands have a really good balance of build quality, reliability and affordable prices, so if you’re looking to know the best Australian brands, below you’ll find our list of five great Australian owned-and-operated workwear brands you can buy today.


Blundstone has become a common name on worksites across the country. Setting up shop in Hobart in 1870 by John Blundstone, Blundstone boots have protected the feet of Aussie soldiers, Mount Everest explorers, factory workers, police, farmers & more.

Producing exceptional quality boots, they’ve earned a special place in the hearts of Aussies due to their large range, reasonable price, and exceptional quality. Boots such as the Nubuck Leather Steel Toe Boot 992 – or Women’s Safety Series Premium Leather Boot 897 are bestsellers with Australian workers.

If you want an exceptional quality pair of boots steeped in Australian history, check out our range of Blundstone boots here.

Steel Blue

You’ve probably heard of Steel Blue before. As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of durable, hard-wearing work boots, their significant range of footwear, styles, and their comfort guarantees prove all-too-tempting to Aussie tradies.

Born in Western Australia in 1995, Steel Blue have seen huge growth over the past 25-odd years to place themselves as one of the most popular work boot brands in Australia.

Some of their most popular products include the Southern Cross ladies boot and the Argyle Zip up boot, but with such an extensive range of styles and features, there’s a Steel Blue work boot for everyone. If you’re serious about sturdy, well-made work boots with a comfort guarantee, view our range of Steel Blue work boots.

Syzmik Workwear

Moving onto providers of work clothing & safety wear, we find a reasonably new player in the industry in Syzmik Workwear. Owned by a global fashion brand, Fashion Biz, their rapid growth across Australia & New Zealand is fuelled by delivering a high-quality, comfortable product that conforms to most Australian safety standards.

Rigorous materials testing, a huge product range spanning t-shirts, pants, jackets, overalls & more, combined with affordable prices means that Syzmik Workwear is a brand you should always consider when choosing your workwear provider. Their Streetworx range in addition to their Rugged Cooling range provides for a wide variety of your workwear needs.

To view more of the Syzmik workwear range, click here.

Bad Workwear

Blasting onto the scene in 1995 from humble Melburnian beginnings, Bad Workwear produces workwear that is anything but bad. As one of the few suppliers of durable, tough clothing for the Aussie workforce, Bad Workwear is 100% Australian owned and proud of it.

Their product range spans just about everything you’d need, from high-vis, pants, shorts, boots, accessories & waterproof clothing.

With great quality for reasonable prices, you can stock up on all your Bad Workwear clothing here.

Aussie Pacific

Founded in 2009 as a wholesale provider of clothing, Aussie Pacific focused on crafting high-performance attire with particular emphasis on sports clothing. 

Flash forward 12 years, and Aussie Pacific now has five warehouses around the Australiasia region, producing some of the most breathable workwear around.

Their speciality revolves around uniforms rather than the safety wear brands we mentioned earlier. With a firm belief in their fabric quality, they strive to make light-weight, highly-breathable garments that are more suited to strenuous activity such as sports.

Given their large range of polo shirts, tshirts, hoodies, jackets & more, Aussie Pacific is a great destination for companies looking to provide their workers with company-branded clothing that is comfortable and affordable. We can also help you decorate your uniforms which we provide for a wide range of industries.

Check out our range of Aussie Pacific clothing here.

Mongrel, ELWD and TRADIE are also in heavy demand making customers happy Australia wide.

Whether you know your trusted brand and are looking for the best deal, or if you are looking for something different, you’ll find Tradies Workwear and Safety carries a massive range of workwear, safety clothing & protective equipment at some of the lowest prices around. To view our workwear and order online, get started here.