Best Protective Workwear for Summer

Best Protective Workwear for Summer

Best Protective Workwear for Summer

As we head into Australia’s summer, you may be thinking about kitting yourself out in lighter workwear to help deal with the heat. Making the wrong choice can lead to months of discomfort, sweating, sunburn, and even health issues, so finding the right set of summer workwear is more than just buying what looks good and what comes cheap. 

From breathable & lightweight fabrics to sun protection, you have a lot of choices deciding on what’s right for you, so we’ve written this short guide to the best protective workwear you can wear this summer.  

Hi-Vis Tops

Long sleeves, heavy jackets, and waterproofs are a little heavy for the Australian summer, so if you’ll be spending any time outdoors and need to be seen, you’ll probably want to focus on high-vis t-shirts, singlets, vests, & polos

Singlets & vests are a great solution if you want to stay cool but you’re concerned about price, just keep in mind that they don’t offer much protection from the sun or workplace hazards. 

Look out for breathable fabrics, or tops that have breathable vents under the arms. They are great and help you keep cool and comfortable in the heat. 

The reflective properties of high-vis clothing also reflect sunlight as well, meaning they don’t absorb as much heat as darker clothing, so even if visibility isn’t a priority for you, you should consider hi-vis clothing anyway. 

Work Shorts

Keeping cool & keeping safe can be a hard balance to strike as you’ll often end up with some part of your body exposed.

If you want to be the most comfortable while working outdoors in the summertime, you want a lightweight fabric such as the Ultralite Multi-pocket short

You can also consider shorts that have vents as well if you’re after something more breathable.

Lastly, if you will be doing a lot of movement, you should consider a work short that has an elasticated waist rather than belt-loops. This helps cut down on sweat around the waist, and grants you more flexibility when moving. Bad Workwear Elastic Waist Work Shorts are a great option if this sounds like something you need. 

Work Boots

To some degree, you need to accept you might not find the ultimate cooling work boot without sacrificing some degree of safety.  

If protecting your feet isn’t something you need to be concerned about this summer, check out the Steel Blue Non-Safety such as the Wagga Padded Safety Hiker boots for great flexibility & comfort. You could also opt for these Blundstone Premium Lined Boots if you want something a little more relaxed & comfortable than a lace-up boot that still offers support & protection. 

You might find more success keeping your regular workboots & choosing a pair of light-weight, breathable socks. Recently, bamboo socks have come onto the market, and they have proven popular with people that want to keep their feet cool without sacrificing safety by downgrading their boots. Check out these Bad Workwear bamboo socks if this sounds like a better option for you. 


Keeping your head, ears, neck & face protected from the sun is crucial. Often, sun damage here can go unnoticed and cause health problems down the track, so it’s important to kit yourself out with comfortable & breathability.

This super simple canvas sun hat with a flap is a really good option if you’re just after something easy that keeps you safe from UV rays. 

If you prefer something super breathable, you can’t go past the Australian classic straw hat

Our Final Advice

Firstly, decide what your priority is. Do you want to focus on staying cool, or focus on staying safe? Are you going to be outdoors a lot, or will you be spending more time inside? Do you need pockets and slots on your clothing to store tools, bolts, screws, etc.?

Thinking about that can help you choose what you need and get you the best summer outfit that gives you all the protection you need without causing you to overheat.

Of course, the best summer safety outfit is no match for staying well hydrated, taking regular breaks in the shade, and applying strong sunscreen. 

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