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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Tradie Workboot

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If you work in an environment where workboots are required as footwear, you want to make sure that you are choosing the very best. You likely need to protect your feet from chemicals, punctures, burns, or other hazards that can lead to injury. If this sounds like the environment in which you are working, this guide will help you to find the right tradie workboots for you.

What should you look for in a work boot?

If you are in a situation where you need workboots, there are important factors to consider to make sure you have the right boot. Here are the most essential.

Complies with workplace safety standards 

Depending upon the environment in which you work, you may find that there are certain requirements that the boots must comply with to provide the proper amount of safety. Check with your employer to ensure what types of standards are required for workboots, then make sure that any footwear you consider meets this demand.

Workplaces, where there is present debris or electrical hazards, may require steel toe, puncture and static proof boots. Some tradies working in oil drilling or processing plants may be required to have safety footwear with oil or acid-proof material and non-slip properties. And some tradies working in transport and logistics may be required to have a safety non-metallic composite toe boots or shoes.

Provides comfort and support

If workboots are required for your job, you are likely to have to wear them for at least eight hours a day, maybe as many as 10 or 12. Thus, you want something that provides you with a great deal of comfort and arch and heel support. 

There are many work boot brands that offer great arch and heel support because of their orthotic or memory foam footbeds. We would suggest trying one of the following brands: Blundstone, Steel Blue, Magnum, Mack, CAT, Puma, Oliver, Rossi, or BAD Workboots.

Made with durable materials

Workboots can be an essential piece of equipment in protecting you from workplace injuries. Make sure that the boot is made of a durable material that can withstand chemicals, abrasions, punctures, and other potential hazards.

Today, many workboot brands use advanced technologies to combine safety, comfort and breathability, waterproofing, anti-static, weatherproofing, puncture proofing, and anti-slippage features into every pair. Some non-safety soft-toe work boots also use high-quality leather that can endure years of use.

Has waterproofing features

This is something that is not considered enough. Water can do a lot of damage to the boot and your feet. Boots that do not have waterproofing can lead to cracking inside, which can lead to discomfort and abrasions. Most of all, this can create foot issues such as trenching, skin blotching, athlete's foot, flaking, or other fungal and bacterial infections.

Oil, chemical, puncture, and static-resistant

You want to make sure you have a boot to protect against potential hazards outside the boot. This includes such things as chemicals, punctures, oils, and static. All of these can lead to injuries, so choose a workboot that tackles these issues.

Provides toe to ankle protection

Many choose a boot that has specific types of protection. Maybe it has a steel toe guard protecting against objects falling on your toes. However, select work boots that protect your foot throughout. 

Has slip-resistant soles

Slip-resistant soles are essential. Among the most common workplace injuries are slipping, falling, and tripping. Not only is this costly for the injured tradie if it happens, but this can also spell workplace liabilities and compliance breaches which can even lead to workplace closure or license suspensions. Protect yourself from this type of injury by choosing a workboot brand that offers grip and traction to muddy terrains, slippery surfaces, or wet floors.

What are among the best work boot brands to buy?

When looking at factors that help determine the right workboots for you, one of the things to consider is the boot brand. Some brands have proven themselves to be far superior to others, and here are some you want to pay attention to.


Blundstone is another great workboot that is built to provide optimal comfort. These boots are great for both men and women and are designed to protect against injuries and abrasions. Each Blundstone boot offers features such as steel toe or composite toe capping, comfort arch footbed, thermal bamboo regulating lining, and high-quality water-resistant leather material.


Mongrel boots have been around since the 1930s. It provides a highly comfortable boot geared to hug around your ankle while not restricting in any way. Among their boot technologies is its tough sider sole which is similar to 4WD mud tyres, roller sole technology to lessen foot fatigue, and an airzone comfort system to provide enhanced comfort and breathability.

Steel Blue 

Steel Blue is one of the most popular safety and workboots manufacturers. The Australian-ownedAustralian owned company is designed to be a great tradies workboot and provides a great deal of comfort. In fact, they guarantee that they will be comfortable. 

Most Steel Blue boot models offer trisole comfort technology that supports posture and lessens foot fatigue, an ortho rebound footbed that follows your foot arch, and a selection of toe protection features such as steel toe, composite toe, and soft toe classics.


Mack is another long-established brand that provides quality boots perfect for any work environment. They have an established reputation for excellence. Mack boots have a selection of boot features such as steel toe or composite toe capping, nitrile heat-resistant soles, metatarsal guards, and penetration-resistant boots and shoes.


Magnum was first introduced in the FBI for tactical and athletic use. Over time, they developed various boot and shoe models suited for uniform personnel, firefighters, tradies working in the automotive industry, and construction. Most Magnum footwear has Vibram sole traction, an Ortholite footbed, Clarino vegan material, and MAG-COOL and MAG-DRY features.


You will like the feel and security that your feet have when wearing these workboots. They are very well designed and perfect for any work environment. Each Oliver workboot combines safety and comfort features such as abrasion, heat, static, oil, and water resistance, puncture-proof soles, anti-microbial and Nanolite footbed.


Rossi is another brand that works in almost any work environment. Rossi has been in the Australian market since 1910 and started as leather sports boots then progressed to Army boots during World War II. Each Roosi boot offers a lightweight, reinforced steel toe cap in some models, breathable side panels and lining, and extreme abrasion-resistant features.


Bison are great workboots that have an established reputation for durability and protection. No doubt you will feel more secure with these boots on your feet because each Bison boot offer fitting even for a broad foot, maximum grip on almost all surfaces, and comfort cushioning technology for your foot arch and heel.

Where to buy a pair of work boots online

If you are looking to buy any of the boot brands we listed above, Tradies Workwear and Safety has them online or you can drop in-store to our Adelaide or Perth stores.

Find the best pair of workboots that meets your workplace safety and compliance requirements, budget, style, material, and fit. Visit our store today.