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How to Avoid The Most Common Foot Injuries in AU Workplaces

You may find this surprising, but foot injuries are some of the most commonly occurring of all workplace injuries. There are a lot of potential traps and obstacles that can lead to injuries, so it is important that workers do all they can to avoid getting injured at work. If you are concerned about workplace injuries, this article will teach you about the most common foot injuries and how to avoid them.

What are the most common foot injuries at work?

One of the things that makes a foot injury so familiar is the fact that it is easy for people to injure their feet. A person steps wrong, drops something on their foot, hits against something, or has something roll over it. Simply stepping wrong can lead to an injury.

While there are many different types of foot injuries, there are some that are much more common. Here is a look at the six most common types of foot injuries.


Toe-crushing injuries are prevalent. Whether something is dropped onto a person’s foot or falls onto it, these have become common because there are so many instances where a person’s toes can get crushed. This is also a widespread injury because the toes are not often protected in the design of shoes.

Cuts and punctures

A jagged material, nail, or other object types can easily puncture your shoes, either from the side, top, or underneath. These can lead to cuts and punctures, some rather serious.

Achilles heel tearing

There are quite a few common types of foot injuries that are related to how a person steps or during a fall. An Achilles’ heel tearing is one such example, where the person steps or loses their footing and suffers a tear to this important part of the foot structure.


Bunions may not seem like an injury, but they are. These usually occur because of improper fitting in the shoes or prolonged walking or standing. That can lead to bunions developing on your foot, which can become quite painful over time.

Ligament tears

Ligament tears are another type of injury that occurs when a person steps or lands wrong or when a person slips. Ligament tears can be pretty serious because they can take an extensive amount of time to heal.

Burns and incisions

Depending upon the type of business, burns and incisions are also prevalent types of injury. Burns does not have to be from fire or heat. They can be from prolonged exposure to the sun, friction, or other types of situations where the skin can become burned or scarred.

What causes foot injuries at work?

In considering the types of injuries that are most common, it is also important to recognize the reasons for these injuries. Often, injuries can be avoided if these problem areas are removed or limited.

Work safety negligence 

Most do not like to hear this, but the most common types of injuries occur because of pure negligence. The person is not paying attention, is taking shortcuts, or doing other acts that are prone to lead to injuries.

Wearing uncomfortable or incorrect safety footwear

When your safety footwear does not properly fit or is uncomfortable, this can lead to injuries. It especially causes problems when there is room for your foot to easily slide within the shoe, as this can lead to injuries to the foot due to friction and can cause injuries because you are not able to maintain the proper stability.

Prolonged pressure on feet

Your body puts a lot of force on your feet. When you are forced to stand or walk for long periods of time, this will lead to injuries to your feet.

Prolonged walking, standing without breaks

This is much like the previous problem. If you are having to spend long periods standing or walking without breaks, this can lead to injuries to your feet.

Walking on hard or slippery surfaces

Slippery surfaces are an apparent reason why people get injured. However, hard surfaces are also an issue. Because there is little give on your feet, it can lead to excessive force being placed on your feet.

Who is most prone to foot injuries at work?

There are types of businesses where people are much more likely to suffer injuries. Some seem obvious. Manufacturing and construction are the areas where people are most likely to get injured. Injuries are quite common because of prolonged standing and the general workplace environment.

Other common areas include healthcare, education, retail, and mining. Places, where a person is required to stand or walk for long periods of time, are likely to lead to a more significant number of injuries.

What should you do to avoid foot injuries at work?

While foot injuries can be common, there are things you can do to help avoid these injuries. Here are a few steps you can take.

  • Take a break from prolonged walking and standing at work

If you have found yourself standing or walking for long periods, it is important that you take a break. Get off your feet. Give them a rest.

  • Always wear a pair of safety-compliant work boots

It is essential that you wear footwear that is compliant with the workplace in which you are employed. If boots are required to protect your feet, you should wear those ideals for the environment. If you are in a business where you are required to walk or stand for long periods of time, like in retail or education, wear comfortable workboots or shoes that fit well.

  • Good traction on slippery surfaces
  • Make sure that your work boots have the proper traction to ensure you do not fall on slippery surfaces.

  • Can repel oil and acid
  • If you are in an environment where acid or oils are present, make sure that your footwear protects you from these types of chemicals.

  • Provide arch support and comfortable cushions
  • Arch support is essential. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and provide support for your arches.

  • Made from durable materials 
  • Your workboots or shoes should also be made of durable material. This is especially true if you work in environments that have chemicals or where heavy equipment or materials are used. The footwear you are using may be your biggest protection against cuts, burns, punctures, or incisions.

    Where to buy a good pair of work boots

    It cannot be stressed to you enough how essential it is that you get footwear that adequately protects you from injuries. If your place of employment has specific footwear requirements, make sure that you understand the guidelines required are you to follow so that you get the right shoes or boots.

    Truthfully, this is an area where you should not try to go for the cheapest choice. Your feet need to be protected. If you injure your knees, your back or your feet, you can find yourself suffering for years to come. Make sure you choose something that gives you the best possible protection.

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