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10 Best Reasons to Start Wearing Workwear Every Day

When did workwear become popular?

Workwear or work uniform can be a formal or an informal workplace requirement. Wearing work clothing can serve various purposes which we will discuss in this article.

Workwear can be traced back to the middle ages where historical data shows badges were worn to denote specific roles or ranks, or represent involvement in the service of employers.  

Today, workwear is used to provide comfort, agility, protection, and to look fashionable while working.

Why do we wear work clothes?

Workwear is a common requirement at work where a multitude of physical, environmental, pathological, and other safety hazards are present. 

Usually, employers who require employees to be in their proper work uniforms need to also comply with certain laws, regulations, and standard practices.

Are there any benefits of having a uniform for tradies?

Wearing the proper workwear can provide numerous benefits for the employee and the employer alike. Among them are the following:

Spells Professionalism

A proper work uniform often sends a subtle message that an employee is ready to take on the role and perform the duties bestowed upon him. 

Proper uniforms also tell employers that this employee understands the requirements at work, is willing to be subject to such requirements, and is proud to be in the granted role he or she has.

Dressing up for work also sends a good impression to clients when they see someone looking clean and snappy when dealing with them.

Protects You From Potential Work Hazards

Workplace hazards can be qualified as safety, biological, physical or environmental, ergonomic, chemical, and workload hazards. These hazards can be present at all times in every workplace. 

Tradie workers working outdoors may be exposed to gushing wind or snow which are among the environmental hazards. Emergency responders may be exposed to biological, chemical, and safety hazards such as shattered glasses for firefighters, needle punctures with pathological samples for medical frontliners, and radiation for medical technologists.

Wearing proper workwear helps employees and employers reduce their exposure to such hazards. Sometimes, wearing PPEs, hi-vis, waterproof, or safety boots is imperative.

Promotes Workplace Culture, Mission, and Vision

If you notice, some work uniforms display the company's logo. It is because logos are emblems that remind employees of their purpose at work, what core values or culture should be promoted in the workplace, and how they should see themselves in the next years to come either in their current roles or in another role they aspire to have in the company.

Wearing proper workwear serves as a symbol of commitment to the company's mission statement every time they clock in for work and fulfil their daily duties.

Reinforces Company Branding

In marketing, branding is like your business ID. They tell your prospects or current clients who you are, what you do, and how they can identify you among competitors.

When your employees are in branded workwear, they serve as walking advertisements for clients to become aware of your brand, to recognise you as a brand, to recall your brand, and lastly, to become loyal to your brand. 

Tradies Workwear and Safety offers a range of decoration options to supply branded uniforms to our customers. These include embroidery, screen printing, sublimation and SupaColour. Please contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

Identifies Official Employees

Work uniforms can sometimes be issued at work. Employers provide them the moment you sign a work contract and become a regular and bonafide member of the organisation.

Wearing proper work uniforms also grants proper access to work areas where production, processing, or research is held. This also lets security personnel identify who gets in and out of the workplace because they wear the proper uniform.

Ensures Workplace Premise Accountability

When someone is wearing the right workwear on any site and an accident happens, employers will know that they can be accountable for that person.

In the same way, when employees are in proper workwear, they can also prevent slips, trips, falls, chemical or acid burns, and other hazards which can also create a domino effect on other tradies working in the same area.

Fosters Teamwork and Equality

Wearing uniforms at work can denote equality for men and women. When people wear the same uniform, they know that they are both starting at the same level, and there is no special treatment. 

Having a standard uniform can also tell employees that they are in the same boat with the same purpose to fulfil every day.

Provides Comfort At Work

Discomfort at work can hamper productivity. Having ill-fitting shoes, itchy clothing fabric, or tight work pants can make someone perform less at work because they are bothered with their workwear.

To ensure that you perform at your best, choose a pair of work boots or shoes with memory foam arch support to lessen fatigue. Consider wearing a pair of stretchable work pants that can help you move with ease at work, or select a comfy quick-dry fabric to prevent any skin allergies at work.

Improves Visibility in Work Sites

Working outdoors or in construction and mining sites can lead you to areas that are not well lit or are surrounded by other obstructions such as trees, boulders, posts, etc. 

Wearing hi-vis workwear can help employers see employees even at a certain distance. Other employees can also prompt caution when heavy equipment needs digging, blasting, or drilling in the area.

Saves Time and Reduces Clothing Cost

Changing work clothing often when you get sweaty, soaked in the rain, or get splashed with other liquids can snatch your productivity hours. What’s worse is leaving some liquid stains on your work shirt or pants that sooner or later can be discarded.

Wearing waterproof workwear, PPE, rain jackets, overalls and coveralls, or lab coats can reduce this frequent work wardrobe change and reduce discarded damaged workwear that is not ultimately recommended for the type of environment and duty.

Final Notes

Encouraging tradies to have the proper set of workwear offers various benefits. While the majority of its purpose is to protect the welfare of your employees, it also provides benefits in terms of harnessing your business interest.

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