Wearing work socks

Why Wearing Quality Work Socks Are Important?

When getting durable and high-quality work boots, work socks are often overlooked. But they should be considered as part of your daily work outfit because they can affect your health, comfort, and productivity.

There are several benefits to wearing high-quality tradie socks. For example, they can help prevent blisters, reduce pain from arthritis, and even treat minor injuries. Plus, they can help keep your feet warm during the winter months. 

Several sock materials like bamboo work socks help reduce foot odour and reduce moisture. They can also reduce any skin chaffing, rubbing, and discomfort especially when you're using a brand new pair of leather safety boots.

Are boot socks necessary?

Work boots are usually made from tough leather materials and sometimes come with a steel toe or composite toe cap. Even if they fit correctly, brand new boots can sometimes rub on the toes which can cause calluses or corns. Wearing work socks that are thick enough and comfortable can provide an extra layer of protection for your feet and provide added cushioning on your arch and heel.

Some work socks offer a high moisture-wicking property. This feature can even reduce any fungal or bacterial infection especially when you are working in wet areas.

Why do you have to wear work socks?

When it comes to wearing work socks, it may be nothing fancy, but it is a necessity especially if you are wearing a pair of safety footwear.

Among the many reasons for wearing work socks are the following:

They reduce foot odours, fungi, and bacteria

Breathable and moisture-wicking work socks leave no room for athlete's foot or stinky feet. Sweat-wicking socks are most useful for tradies who deal with so much manual labour, yard work, or those working outdoors or in mining sites.

They provide extra warmth or cooling

Wool socks, heat holders, thermal socks, or knee socks can add extra layers of warmth during cold seasons. Socks made out of wool can trap heat for insulation. Heat holders and thermal socks on the other hand can provide up to 3 to 7 times more warmth compared to the usual socks. Lastly, knee socks provide warmth not only to your feet but your calves and knees.

As for breathable socks, they can either be made from bamboo fibres, polyester, nylon, or merino wool that dries quickly.

They give extra cushioning and prevent foot injuries

Snug-fit socks follow the shape of your arch and heel properly. This complements how your feet fit your work boots, allowing you to walk, stand, or run comfortably and preventing slips and trips. Other work socks also provide extra cushioning to reduce foot fatigue due to prolonged hours of standing or walking. 

Key Takeaways

Wearing quality work socks is important because you want to protect your feet from injury while working. You also want to make sure that your feet are comfortable while wearing shoes at work.

When buying a new pair, you also might want to consider the:

  1. Fabric
  2. Length
  3. Fit
  4. Cushioning 
  5. Brand
  6. Price
  7. Purpose 
  8. Thickness

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