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The Best Women Workwear Brands You Should Know About

What to Look for in Women’s Workwear Brands

Occupational health and safety standards are a must. Tradie women are equally vulnerable to various hazards that could lead to potential accidents or health concerns within the workplace.

One-size-fits-all workwear may not be appropriate for everyone as women have specific body measurements that spell much different compared to men's. Workwear made specifically for women is supplied by a wide range of brands.

When looking for women workwear it is important to consider the

  • Available Sizes
  • Safety Features
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Style
  • Materials

These ultimately should meet your workplace clothing requirements and your personal preferences.

Our Favourite Tradie Women’s Workwear Brands

If you are wondering which brands to look for, we have listed some women's workwear brands that cover boots, shoes, polos and shirts, shorts and pants, FR workwear, jackets and vests, maternity workwear, and underwear.

Women’s Workboots and Shoes

Tradeswomen are vulnerable to foot injuries at work. However, women sometimes struggle in finding the right pair of women's steel cap boots or safety joggers as their feet have specific contours different to men's.

Among the list of comfortable and trusted workboot and shoe brands for women are:

  • Steel Blue - Steel Blue is an Australian workboot brand that produces safety-compliant footwear for tradeswomen working in construction, mining, agriculture, emergency services, oil and gas, transport and logistics, and general trades. 
  • Rossi - Rossi has been around since 1910 and they have been known for their famous shearer and elastic-sided boots. The Endura boot is among their bestselling product to date.
  • New Balance - New Balance has been known as an athletic footwear brand. As time evolved, New Balance incorporated athletic comfort and breathability and safety in their available joggers.

Women Workwear Brands

  • Aussie Pacific - Aussie Pacific offers a huge section of women’s work jackets and polos. Our top picks from their brand include their Puffer Jacket, Olympus Vest, Selwyn Softshell, and Sheffield Jacket. Not only are you ready for wet seasons but also dress in style at work.
  • CAT - CAT or Caterpillar has been known for heavy machinery. Given their expertise in industrial settings, they also developed work clothing perfect for all tradies. The CAT Stretch Legging is extremely popular amongst ladies on worksites, they have also made it available in a tape option. 

Why Investing in Good Quality Women Workwear is Important

Considering a list of women's workwear brands is not just some sense of vanity. The reason why people look for trusted workwear brands is because of their promised quality and uncompromisable safety. 

Investing in high-quality workwear can simply spell

  • Cost Efficiency - knowing that the purchase price equals the years your workwear can endure tough use
  • Productivity - because comfortable workwear can help you move and perform all your work duties even at peak requirements

Final Notes

When looking for the best women's workwear brands the bottom line should highlight safety, durability, pricing, sizing, materials, and accessible shops online or offline. 

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