Tradie Men Wearing Workboots

The Best Work boot Types For Every Tradie

Why is it Important to Choose the Correct Work boots for Your Job?

Workboots are essential gear for tradies, especially those who spend long hours on their feet. They protect from the elements and prevent injury. The question is, what type should you get?

There are different types of work boot features you can choose from such as steel cap, composite toe, zip sider, gumboots, soft toe, lace-up, or elastic-sided boots. The bottom line is that your workboot should serve you best in terms of work and safety requirements.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Work Boots for Your Needs

With so many work boot brands and features in the market today, you probably are struggling to choose the right pair. If you're wondering which one to buy, it might be worth your time to first consider the following factors:

Nature of Work

When choosing work boots, it is important to refer back to the nature of your work and what is required by your employer.

Tradies working in mining, construction, utilities, and emergency response have stricter requirements when it comes to safety footwear. Normally, they are required to wear occupational safety certified steel toe boots as they are more vulnerable to punctures, cuts, and toe crushing from debris and other rolling and falling objects. Tradies working in airports, retail, and logistics, on the other hand, may be required to wear composite capped boots which are made from non-metallic material to avoid metal detection and provide the same level of toe protection as a steel toe boot. Farmers and manufacturing plant workers may have the option to wear regular soft-toe or gumboots that can protect their feet from getting soaked in wet production areas and provide enough traction.

Material and Quality

Another important consideration when buying a new pair of work boots is the materials used. Some steel caps, composite caps, or soft-toe boots nowadays can be made of either genuine leather, synthetic or vegan leather, or rubber. When it comes to the outer build and sole features, some work boot brands may offer puncture-resistant, anti-oil slip, anti-static, and acid-resistant materials.

Comfort, Size and Fit

Comfort, size, and fit are also among the other factors you need to consider when buying work boots. When we talk about comfort, consider work boot brands that offer memory foam footbeds that follow your feet's contour and support your arch. It is also better if you can try on the work boots first before buying them.

Price Point 

You might be having second thoughts when it comes to buying a more expensive pair of work boots. Keep in mind that some work boot's price point is set based on the materials, features, patented technology, and competitiveness of the brand's reputation when it comes to safety and durability. Work boots from trusted brands like Caterpillar, Blundstone, Steel Blue, Mongrel, Magnum, Mack, Oliver and Rossi can have uncompromisable social proof from tradies like you and have undergone a series of industry tests and certifications.

Types of Work Boots That Can Maximize Your Effectiveness and Safety

So what kind of boots should you wear? There are different types of work boots out there, each designed for a specific purpose. Some are meant for heavy-duty jobs, while others are ideal for light-duty or even casual work. Knowing which type of boot is right for you can mean the difference between being safe and injured at work and here's a list of them.

Steel Cap Boots 

The steel cap boot was originally designed to protect the wearer from sharp objects and debris. Tradies who are required to wear this kind of work boot are those who work in areas where rolling, falling, sharp objects and electrical hazards are present. Examples of industries included are mining, energy, oil and gas, construction, disaster relief and emergency response.

Composite Toe Boots

Composite toe boots are made from non-metallic material. This is the main reason it's ideal for workplaces that use metal detectors. This work boot type is also an ideal choice for electricians and engineers, they offer better static resistance and are lightweight compared to steel toe boots.

Lace Up Work Boots

The good thing about lace-up work boots is that they are firmer and can maintain their fit longer. You can simply adjust their fit easily by tightening or loosening their laces. You can also choose from a steel capped lace-up, composite lace-up, or soft toe lace up depending on your industry requirement.

Side Zip Work Boots

Similar to lace-up workboots, side zip workboots can either have a steel toe, composite toe, or soft toe features. The good thing with side zip workboots is that it provides convenient foot access. It can also be great for tradies with dexterity conditions or hand injuries as they can be easier to wear compared to lace-up boots.

Elastic Sided Work Boots

Elastic-sided boots for work can also have a steel toe, composite toe, or soft toe features. Elastic-sided workboots are great for providing better ankle articulation and are ideal for tradies who work as drivers or machine operators. 

Soft Toe Work Boots

Soft toe workboots can be used for tactical or casual wear. They can be lace-up, zip sided, or elastic-sided. Although they cannot protect your toes from high impact or crushing injuries, they can provide warmth and protection from elements and chemicals. 


Gumboots can have a steel toe, composite toe, or soft toe features. By default, they are slip-on and can either be made from rubber or PVC. Gumboots are often used by those who work in food processing or chemical processing plants, quarries, waste disposal and management, abattoirs, water filtration facilities, and farms.

Final Notes

There are many different types of boots available for tradies, depending on the type of job you do. Some work boots are better suited for certain jobs than others. In a nutshell, you should always wear work boots that meet the industry safety standards, provide the right level of protection, and meet your needs when it comes to price, comfort, and durability.

If you are wondering where to shop for workboots, visit Tradies Workwear and Safety in Adelaide or Perth to try on a new pair. You can also browse our list of work boot brands and features online.