Tradie Dad with Son Wearing Kids Workwear

4 Best Kids Workwear Brands To Keep Your Child Safe And Stylish

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Kids can sometimes get curious about the job mum or dad does. Often, they'd like to see their parents work, help with little tasks, or play work dress-up like mum or dad. This can be among the many reasons you'd require your child to wear work clothing.

Why Kids’ Workwear Is Necessary

Kids can get overly excited when you allow them to watch you at work or help in lil' tradie tasks. When this happens, they can lose focus and get caught up in accidents that you never want to happen.

Kids workwear is not just a dress-up thing. When kids play, visit you in your workshop, or assist you in tiny farm tasks it pays to have them wear children's work clothing to ensure they are protected and are visible from your sight all the time.

4 Reliable Kids Workwear Brands

Finding quality kids work clothes can be tricky. There are lots of options out there, from big brands to small ones. If you're wondering which ones are worth investing in, here are 4 of the best kids workwear brands.


Workcraft started specialising in trade and transport workwear and is now supplying workwear to other modern industries. Their garments are designed to comply with AU workwear standards. At present, they also offer kids workwear such as hi-vis hoodies, safety vests, shirts, polos, shorts, and roughall.


Blundstone is an Australian work boot brand with over 150 years of experience in boot making. Their safety footwear is trusted by farmers, factory workers,, miners, and more so you're sure that each Blundstone kids' work boot can also provide your child with a high level of foot protection.

Aussie Pacific

Aussie Pacific is another notable name when it comes to sports and work clothing. Compared to other clothing brands, they have a wider selection of kids workwear such as pants, polos, tees, singlets, shorts, vests, hoodies, track tops, track pants, and jackets.

Bamboo Textiles Australia

Bamboo Textiles Australia is best known for its absorbent, thermoregulating, anti-bacterial, odour-eliminating socks, undies, and clothing. Since kids can sometimes play in the mud or rain, having them wear a pair of Bamboo Textile Australia's socks can protect their feet from odour and bacteria while complementing your kid's workboot.

Final Notes

Kids' workwear is not something you just buy for your child's play. It is a necessity to ensure your child is safe when he or she is helping with small tasks, playing outdoors, or visiting you at your workshop.

If you are looking to buy quality kids workwear, visit Tradies Workwear and Safety stores in Adelaide or Perth. We offer a range of kids work clothing from tops, pants, and boots.