Workplace Safety: The Importance of Wearing the Right Workwear

Workplace Safety: The Importance of Wearing the Right Workwear

Workplace injury is a serious matter. According to a study conducted in 2020 by Safe Work Australia, injuries such as being hit by moving objects, falling from a height and being hit by falling objects are the incidents most likely to occur. Such workplace injury impacts can be minimised through the enforcement and use of proper workwear for high-risk sites such as construction, mining, oil and gas, logistics and manufacturing warehouses. Getting hit by a moving object can be avoided by wearing hi-vis workwear, falls from height can be prevented by wearing height safety harnesses, and being hit by falling objects can be lessened by wearing hard hats and steel caps or composite cap boots.

There are also other workplace injuries and health issues that are specifically related to improper use or ill-fitting workwear which include: loose clothing or belts that can get caught up in machinery; trips, slips, falls, toe crushing, and punctures caused by low-quality workboots; cuts and splinters for not wearing safety gloves; and contamination by viruses, bacteria, or other contagious diseases from wearing incorrect or improperly fitted face shields and other PPE gear.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Workwear

To sum it up, wearing the right workwear is important because:

  • It minimises workplace injuries.
  • It prevents the spread of contagious and infectious diseases at work.
  • It increases workplace discipline and compliance with regulations.
  • It reduces potential liability and loss for both the employer and the employee.
  • It increases employee comfort, alertness, and productivity.

Final Note 

Although accidents at work are inevitable, one should not be negligent in wearing work clothing or PPE. If you are looking for ways to protect yourself at work, Tradies Workwear and Safety is a shop that specialises in workwear and PPE.

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